• "Choice requires awareness."
  • "On the opposite side of adversity is benefit.
    Like a mathematical equation,
    the greater the adversity
    the greater the potential benefit."
  • "Discipline reveals, hindsight is 50/50."
  • "It’s not about good or bad.
    It's not about right or wrong.
    it's about power."
  • "Power is the ability to do."

You Gotta Work Your Resolution

Posted on Dec 30, 2020 in Uncategorized

You Gotta Work Your Resolution

I am the easiest person for myself to B.S.  I am not alone in this.

A few years back, I read a couple of profound facts related to the fitness industry. Most of the industry’s annual revenue was generated in the first 3-weeks of January… And after less than 3-days. the average member quit going to the gym regularly.

What other resolutions do people make with the very best of intentions?

Only to quit. – Often having all the best excuses.

From the perspective of Noble Warrior Training – it’s natural for people to interpret things as “happening to them” instead of “by them.” Inherently, this is not bad or wrong, but rather it is normal and sub-optimal.

U.S. Navy SEAL basic training has about an 85% attrition rate. This high rate, coming from young men who are 100% qualified: physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, and are committed. Yet most quit in the first weeks of the program. Some of whom are absolutely, amazing men.

The 15%, who graduate and go on to be surrounded by like-minded operators, evolved into the person they need to be. They evolved to conquer the challenges thrown at them.
They evolved: their minds.

Neuroplasticity tells us that the programs in your mind can be re-written. My best friend in the SEAL Teams, a black man, was so scared of jumping from aircraft that his face would literally turn white with fear. But he developed his mind to be so strong that he would not miss a single step in the execution of his duties to the team when it came to leaving the platform (airplane or helicopter.)

He programmed himself to do what was right, despite the fear he felt. He developed greater courage than he had intrinsically.

So, do New Year’s resolutions work?

Non-consciously, you may relinquish your personal ownership and buy into the idea that suddenly you will awake January 1st with the will power to maintain self-discipline.

Showing up to the gym on time.
Being a good listener for your significant-other.
Maintaining your professional databases (such as a CRM tool) daily.
Consistently exercising patience with your staff.
Writing your book…

Personally, I don’t believe there’s anything magical about the New Year that will do these things for you.

Rather, the New Year, like the dawn of a New Day, gives you leverage to evolve your mindset to your next level!

Seizing the day, you can go beyond your current comfort zone and re-program your mind to embrace and even expect such behaviors from yourself that lead to your consistent desired results.

Appreciating that you are unique, the following list may resonate within you:

Commit to consistent, timely, and appropriate efforts
Track your efforts and results
Ensure you are using empowering self-talk
Enroll someone outside of yourself to hold you accountable to your daily and weekly plan
Make yourself vulnerable to someone you trust not to inject their ego – asking them to call you out when you might be B.S.ing yourself…

My working definition of Discipline is Rhythmic Efforts.
It’s a new dawn; a new day. Seize it!

May 2021 be the most rewarding year of your life (so far)!